Apurbo Duttar Kobita Sandhya

apurbo duttar kobita sandhy

Apurbo Duttar Kobita Sandhya

This event took place on 3rd July, 2010 at Anandodhara Library, Kroidon Park, Sydney. The event was planned in a homely ambience and attended by a curated list of invitees. Apurbo Dutta, a renowned creator of rhymes was accompanied by Sharmila Roy in showcasing skits and some of the satirical pieces by the writer which were quite well received by the visitors. The rendition of ‘Arur panchaali’ – a dialogue between the legendary characters of Arjuna and Panchali from The Mahabharata was the highlight of the evening and was an instant hit with the crowd.

Event Photo Gallery

Event Video Gallery

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