Abdullah Abu Sayeed – Boi Sandhya

This event was a winner right from the word ‘go’. Hosted by Anandodhara on the 12th of April, 2014, the Magsaysay award winner from Bangladesh rocked the stage at Aping Baptist Church, Sydney wooing audiences with his noble initiatives of educating young minds despite all kinds of societal and institutional odds. The event lent a fresh perspective of education to the audience through the lens of philanthropism.

Samaresher Satkahon

Anandodhara invited litterateur Samaresh Mazumdar on 25th March, 2012 for a literary evening at Kroidon Public School, Sydney. The event was quite unique since for the first time a handful of participants were asked to join the author on stage to form a narrative by contributing creatively on a real-life experience of the author. The walkthrough of author’s early life, exploits and milestones were equally intriguing. A short skit based on a fictional piece created by the author was...

R. D. Burman Nite

This pulsating musical extravaganza was held on 9th July, 2011 at Redgum Function Centre, Sydney. Team Anandodhara comprising of Bobby, Gargi, Jeet and Kiran rocked the stage right from the start and the audience left the show mesmerized. Rianna Das featured as the dancer for a few numbers. It was a packed house entertainment till the last minute.

Unforgettable Melodies

After a long gap of almost 10 years, on the 4th Sept, 2010, a musical evening with a delectable bouquet of Hindi and Bengali songs was organized at Hombush Boys’ High School, The event featured popular Bollywood and Tollywood numbers alongside modern songs. Prosenjit Das, Bobby Mallick, Gargi Mukherjee among others enthralled the audience and the show breathed life amongst the audience with soulful rendition of the ageless melodies.

Apurbo Duttar Kobita Sandhya

This event took place on 3rd July, 2010 at Anandodhara Library, Kroidon Park, Sydney. The event was planned in a homely ambience and attended by a curated list of invitees. Apurbo Dutta, a renowned creator of rhymes was accompanied by Sharmila Roy in showcasing skits and some of the satirical pieces by the writer which were quite well received by the visitors. The rendition of ‘Arur panchaali’ – a dialogue between the legendary characters of Arjuna and Panchali from...

Harsha Dutta – Desh r Sompadoker Baithake

The event took place on 27th March, 2010 at Aping Baptist Church Hall. Extremely articulate and known for his spontaneity Harsha Dutta’s conversation kept the audience hooked to the event. Recitation from his penned pieces by Sharmila Roy and Tuli Roy and skits of his written works were also part of the event that evening. The event was informative and its significance in making the audience aware of the different stages of creating and publishing a literary piece was...

Shirshendu Sahitya Sandhya

The literary evening with the celebrated litterateur at Strattfield Town Hall on 7th of March, 2009 had a different flavor right from the start. The session started a formal conversation with the author followed by interaction with the audience interspersed by dramatized portions of plays written by him. The interactive session witnessed the author handle queries on different kinds of controversial topics in context of his written works with aplomb. The event was in a way enriching and fulfilling...

Kaacher Manush Suchitra

On Nov 11, 2006, Anandodhara organized a literary evening with Suchitra Bhattacharya at Homebush Boys’ High School. It was an exceptionally well-etched event which ran to almost a packed house. The author’s well known work titled, Dahan was in focus amongst her other works and the conversation was interspersed with play portions from the novel enacted by local talents from India and Bangladesh. The event was highly successful and was remembered by the audience long time thereafter.

Sunil er saathe Chadda (Cha – Adda)

This interactive tea session with Sunil Gangopadhay took place at the Baroot Girls’High School on 24th June, 2001. This was an informal discussion with the author over tea and snacks about his exploits and experiences and opinions on different topics. The author responded to the session with an open mind and addressed all queries and sang his heart out making it one of the most memorable evenings the audience could ever imagine of.

Sunil Sahitya Sandhya

The literary evening with Sunil Gangopadhay was a unique event designed by Anandodhara at Baroot Girls’s High School on the 23rd June, 2001. It was planned that in the course of the literary discussion with the author on stage, a handful of his created characters would enter the podium with a volley of questions aimed at the author. The outcome was enchanting and was nothing sort of a milestone in terms of performance and impact on the audience. Additionally,...